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The Client Relations Center

The Client Relations Center (CRC) is a critical component of our Firm. Its purpose is to engage and support our existing clients, who are without an active Guardian Servicing Advisor. In order to properly assist these clients, the CRC Team has created a process whereby every attempt is made to contact these clients, whether it be by phone, letter or email to re-establish a relationship.

The team is led by Peter Adams, Director of Life Operations. Peter identifies the appropriate Guardian clients who need to be contacted. He also provides expert product knowledge and extensive product options to the new servicing advisor when needed.

Nancy Allan, Client Relations Specialist, begins the process by locating these clients and finding the best way to communicate with them. Her role is to evaluate each client’s needs by opening the lines of communication and explaining the importance of having an active advisor. Once she connects with the client and re-establishes the relationship, she will assign them to the servicing advisor on the CRC Team who best suits the needs of the client.

Dolores Khalid-Khan, Marketing Specialist, provides administrative and illustration support to enable the new servicing advisor to guide the client properly and efficiently.

Peter Adams, CLU®, ChFC®

Director of Life Operations

(914) 288-8848

Peter is the Director of Life Operations at Strategies for Wealth. He is responsible for the technical aspects of life insurance marketing, advanced sales and policy management for the firm’s associates and brokers. Peter also...

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