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As an Accountant, You’ve Worked Hard – Now Protect Your Income

As an Accountant, You’ve Worked Hard – Now Protect Your Income

| May 21, 2020

May is the month to bring awareness to Disability Insurance and how it can help you plan for life’s “what if?” moments. 

For many accountants, working hard to attain your educational goals has always been a life long dream. It’s the foundation on which you have built your life and the fruits of your labor are your most valuable asset – your income. Think about what would happen if that income suddenly stopped because of an unexpected event. Studies show that one in five working Americans has experienced at least one disability leave of absence during the past 10 years due to a condition, injury, or illness.1 An illness or injury can happen to anyone at any time. How would you pay for your bills, student loans, expenses, and continue to provide for your family if you were unable to work? With these questions in mind, consider disability insurance. Having an individual disability insurance policy can make all the difference in your financial situation when you need your income the most. At Strategies for Wealth, we can put in place the protection you need.

View this video below to learn how income protection is critical to your career:
As an Accountant, What Does Your Paycheck Mean to You?

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